Life in the Soil is the inaugural event of the five year research-creation project Bioart: Collaborating with Life; hosted at the INCUBATOR Lab and funded by the SSHRC insight program.

BioArt: Collaborating with Life employs interdisciplinary research, collaboration and artistic practice to investigate the ecological, aesthetic, economic, technological, and spiritual relations possible between species. Led by Dr. Jennifer Willet (Associate Professor, University of Windsor School of Creative Arts, Director INCUBATOR Lab) in collaboration with Alana Bartol (Artist, Part-time Faculty ACAD) and Amanda White (Artist, PhD Candidate Queen’s University).

As the first in a series of annual events, we begin with a workshop involving presentations and activities that will connect participants to the liveness of soil; highlight art and science and indigenous perspectives on soil, and explore the ethics of interspecies collaborations. Students at the University of Windsor and members of the public are invited to explore and imagine new relationships to, with, and within soil habitats. Scientists, artists, and scholars will present and discuss their research and work with soil.

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Life in the Soil and BioArt: Collaborating with Life acknowledges the generous support of:

sshrc            uwin

         Canadian Consortium of Performance and Politics in the Americas

interminus        incubator