Keynote Event

Tuesday March 7, 5:30-9pm – Location


Gardening as Insurrection

The garden is both spatially and temporally suited for considering the meaning of and engaging in insurrection.  In this presentation we will explore the phenomenon of the garden as history/story, sanctuary/dwelling: a site of provisioning and renewal.  We will consider how the meaning of ‘rising up’  – insurrection – occurs at multiple spatial and temporal levels of the garden – including with soil, the plants (weeds and domesticated) with the humans that tend it — within the historical and global context of colonization.  This presentation will seek to integrate the theoretical and practical aspects of what it means to ‘rise up’ in order to enact processes of re-indigenization and decolonization.

Followed by a discussion of soil samples from local vineyards collected by Dr. Maria Cioppa, UofW, Environmental Sciences, while enjoying tastes of local wines facilitated by grower Scott Wilkins, and Adam Graham from Coopers Hawk.