The Deep Earth Treatment Centre invites you to take part in a participatory element (an experiment) of the Life in the Soil. We ask that each person attending collect a soil sample from a contested site. You may interpret this however you like.

Please collect between ¼ – ½  cup (at least one handful) of dry soil in a plastic zip-lock bag and bring it with you to Life in the Soil. Label the bag with your name and the soil location and a further description if you wish. If your soil may be contaminated, please take appropriate measures when collecting / labelling. You will be invited to share when, where, and why you collected their samples during the event through writing or discussion and will also be asked to contribute your sample to an installation in the Lebel Gallery. More details will be provided upon your arrival. If you have any trouble getting your sample to us, please contact

Thank you and we look forward to learning more about your soil.


The Deep Earth Treatment Centre